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Billie-Jean Bazell


Billie is the creator of the Feather Brows® Brand and the academy she teaches from. 

A master brow stylist who runs a client column as well as teaching and assessing, she is an elite ambassador for the biggest brow product brand in Europe, as well as a finalist for microblading artist of the year award (wish her luck!)


She is mum to one daughter an her dog Baby.

Billie is a true entrepreneur who lives and breathes for her business, she also co- owns The Collab LDN- the self care clinic which houses her brow academy. 

Brow Journey

  • No formal education- Billie left school at 15, due to her dyslexia she was tarred as 

  • Beauty back ground fully qualified, did not work in the industry until becoming a brow stylist

  • PA in the city

  • Full time mum

  • Trained as a Brow Stylist.

  • Was asked to become part of the HD Brows Elite training team

  • Opened small brow studio

  • Trained in Phi Brows Microblading

  • Moved to a bigger studio

  • Designed Feather Brows ® Microblading Style

  • Amy joined as assistant - Then trained as a Feather Brows ® Artist

  • Trademarked Feather Brows ® Microblading style

  • Launched Feather Brows ® Microblading style

  • Qualified as a teacher and assessor in the covid lock down.

  • Created Feather Brows ® training course

  • Raised the level of teaching for academy to become an approved VTCT level 4 microblading center.

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