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Makeup Artist 

Nail Technician

Lauren Hare, a talented Makeup Artist and Nail Technician, has been making waves in the beauty industry for six years. Her passion for makeup shines through in every look she creates, always striving to make her clients feel beautiful and confident. When COVID hit, makeup appointments dropped drastically, but Lauren saw an opportunity to put her artistic skills to good use in another way. She dove into the world of creative nails, bringing her unique flair to manicures.


Lauren loves meeting clients, making them happy, and having those delightful salon chats. Whether she’s perfecting a smoky eye or designing intricate nail art, her goal is to ensure every client leaves with a smile. With Lauren, beauty isn’t just a service—it’s an experience filled with warmth, creativity, and a touch of glamour.



SPMU Artist

Georgia is a trained eyelash and brow technician and started her beauty journey with these treatments but is now pursuing a career in the SPMU world and excited to meet all of her lovely new clients.

Georgia offers lip blush, lash line enhancement and eyebrow semi permanent makeup treatments.


Marie is a registered nurse with more that ten years clinical experience within the NHS. 

An advanced aesthetics practitioner with a passion for anti aging, skin rejuvenation and wellness. Marie offers treatments such as anti- wrinkle injections, filler, PRP, profhilo, polynucleotides, microneedling and vitamin b12 injections as well as much more. 

Marie uses the best quality products and treats each client holistically and customises treatments to suit each individuals needs.

“I enjoy making a difference to people’s confidence and self esteem. I think my nursing experience and relaxed presence puts people at ease instantly”.

ATOM Aesthetics
BSc (Hons) General Nursing


Sunny, an accomplished Aesthetics Practitioner, offers a range of treatments including Dermal Fillers, Anti-Wrinkle injections, Skin Boosters, and Facials. Initially trained as a hairdresser, Sunny spent years perfecting her craft in salons before following her true passion and expanding into Aesthetics at the start of 2023.

Although she now focuses on aesthetic treatments, she still offers blowdries for groups of three or more, ensuring her clients always have a fabulous time. Sunny is dedicated to growing her skills and continually expanding the treatments she offers. With her friendly approach and expert touch, every visit to Sunny promises to be a delightful experience, leaving clients feeling refreshed and beautiful.


Aesthetics Practitioner

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