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When you bought into our brand, you bought into my brand creation, as the creator I see this brand as my 2nd child therefore, I want to produce highly skilled artists whose business not only financially changes theirs and their family’s life’s as it has done mine, but also ignites a passion or this amazing life changing treatment. The only way I can do this, is by showing my artist how to structure their business professionally, and continually support new artist development. I hold myself accountable for your journey and have put the following aftercare training package together to continually support that during those first six months of launching your new venture".

Empowering every Learning style.

  • Being dyslexic herself Billie is committed to teaching in the style the student absorbs information best.

  • We recognise that every person absorbs information differently - we don't want a single person to be put off by not having a beauty background or any previous history of study.

  • We endeavor to make our learning process inclusive for all

  • You tell us how you learn best so we can personalise your learning experience before you start the course.

Please see a list of our online courses below.

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