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Feather Brows® Training

FEATHER BROWS® TRAINING- Please review all options of training before deciding which course is for you..Not sure? Drop us a message!

Why a Feather Brow® Artist Career?

  • A business that can work around family commitments.

  • You can work hours YOU decide.

  • Feather Brows® training is structured to be inclusive to all learning styles however you learn best, we support and adapt our teaching accordingly.

  • No previous experience in the Beauty Sector is necessary.

  • You do not need to be creative.

  • The average monthly wage in the UK is £1750.

  • VTCT level 4 upgrade available if required by your local authority.


Our Commitment to you:

  • Empowering every learning style.

  • Full kit included in the price for 15 clients plus 2 models – Earn the price of course back – Treatment total £3000.

Once qualified you to gain:

  • Full access to online library of FB monogrammed logos/Consultation forms/Patch test forms/Covid-19 forms.

  • Full access to our online social media training platforms – We want to build a FB community where artists can speak freely to help each other progress.

  • Access to us trainers after the course, for development and queries or to show us your progression!

  • Personalised business plan; to get you up and running!

  • Access to marketing and finance template spreadsheets.

  • Access to the masterclass training videos 

Ready to become a feather brows artist? Buy the Feather Brows Course for £2000, Flexible, affordable finance options available.


Ready to choose your course?

Feather Brows Artistry (Non Level 4)

Feather Brows Artistry VIP 

Finance administration fee added to total amount, dependent on  how many months finance is repaid over

Please check with your local authority that you can work without a Level 4 qualification, if you need a level 4 please consider our VTCT Level 4 FB course.

Clients Per Week

Cost Per Treatment 

Weekly/Monthly Wage

5 Clients 

16.50 Per Treatment 


10 Clients

16.50 Per Treatment



D685E922-C4ED-4AE6-8A1E-B7F1A CLEAR.png

Why would I need a LEVEL  4, as opposed to just the CPD Accredited FB MICROBLADING COURSE?

  • Some local authority's require a level 4 qualification to be able to perform microblading (you can check on your councils website)

  • As a fully trained working artist you wish to either become FB trained and affiliated or you have already trained with us but now require a level 4 qualification. 

  • You are a beginner and wish to train to the highest qualification level from the start of your career.



Course Requirements 

Course Cost 

Feather Brows VTCT Level 4 

 Dedication to your growth as an artist 


VTCT FB upgrade course 

Microblading Certificate /FB microblading certificate 


 VTCT Feather Brows Course Structure

The course schedule 

Step one: once full payment is received (two weeks minimum) before the course commencing your training manual will be couriered to you. This needs to be read with notes added for questions during the theory morning on the first day of attending the academy. We also  encourage you to watch the online demonstration of the treatment by Billie.

Step two: Two Training days at the academy we will cover


  • Recap on all health and safety/legal legislation and regulations from the manual. 

  • Assignment brief, how to structure and research.

  • How to safely and effectively carry out the treatment

  • How to use our training  and businesses resources to get the best of your learning journey and business launch

  • Visual demonstration of treatment on model by Billie

  • Work on model assisted by Billie for first treatment

  • Marketing/ social media advertising  and business planning 

  • Students are allocated their kits

  • Student leaves with certificate of attendance.


Step three: Assignments and case studies


Assignments are issued either when the student has read the manual or on the last day of the academy training day. This is up to the student, Assignments are marked and sent back with grading and correction direction from Billie, we also can guide with assignments if the student requires further help.

  • Level 4 courses require 10 case studies for grading by the assessor (Billie)The model on the 2nd day of the academy training counts as your first one.

  •   4 of these case studies need to be carried out with Billie present, as of VTCT assessor requirements. 

The options for case studies are 

Case studies carried out away from the academy at students' convenience and evidence submitted online , Billie travels to student for the last 3 cases studies (has to be in one day, depending on Billies schedule and distance)- Students attend academy for last model observation by Billie and exam. 

  • and /or Students wish to attend the academy to use our private rooms to carry out their case studies, Billie observes the last 3.

  • We are happy to be guided by the individual student needs. 

  • All students are expected to find models for their case studies, but should they have issues with this we will assist. We prefer for students to use their own network of models as it means the student can be in contact with the model to learn from each individual's healing journey and perform the models top up treatment as part of their on going artist development.



Step 4: Final Assessment and exam

  • Final case study 

  • Students attend the academy on the last day for the final case study assessment exam.

  • Student qualifies and becomes an official level 4 trained Feather Brows Artist, student is issued certificates, logo and artists number.


Step 5: Student starts their journey as a FB Level 4 artist, alongside Billie Mentorship for development.

Ready to choose your course?

FB Training  VTCT Level 4

FB Artist Level 4 Upgrade Course 

FB VTCT Level 4 Conversion course 


Finance administration fee added to total amount, dependent on  how many months finance is repaid over

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