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Feather Brows®

The Feather Brows® Microblading style was created and trademarked by BBB founder Billie, who was sick of seeing bulky, thick, unnatural looking tattooed brows. 


Feather Brows® Was launched in 2019, and was an instant hit with celebrities and influencers an clients seeking brow enhancement that looks natural, Your brows…just better! 

Feather Brows is a less invasive version of the full microbladed brow.

We use the natural pattern of the existing brow hair to create fine strokes that mimic the look of hairs to cover bald sections of the brow or to create shape/and or thicken the brow into one of the Feather Brows® Styles.


  • The Natural 

  • The Fluffy 

  • The Bushy

This beautifully natural treatment suits clients lacking hair in a certain area of the brow, or those just wanting to create a naturally fuller brow look.

Not sure what style you want or can have?

We now offer virtual consultations, send us a pic and we will send it back with your style digitally drawn on, giving you an idea of how Feather Brows® would work for you.


£330 with Billie

£50 deposit 

£230 on treatment day

£50 top up 4-6 weeks later

£250 with Amy

£50 deposit 

£150 on treatment day

£50 top up 4-6 weeks later 

less then 50% brow hair additional £20

minimal brow hair additional £50 this will include shading.


A selection of the influencers and TV Personality’s who wear our Feather Brows®

Examples of Billie &Amys work

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